Dark chocolate 2021


Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate: This is the story of thousands of years ago when cocoa was grown in Africa. It was originally grown from a plant called Theobroma, which in its original form appears on rough seeds and often on uneven surfaces. Influenced by its aroma and color. Its saffron began to be prepared.
It has also become a social tradition to have a packet of chocolates with a bouquet of flowers to express emotions like happiness and love.
Chocolate is no longer just for kids or a part of their snacks. People of all ages love to eat chocolate. Beverages are prepared in many different ways.

Dark chocolate

Nutritional value

Dark chocolate is made from cocoa powder, which contains essential amino acids such as flavonoids, caffeine, serotonin, threonine, and catechins.

After adding 15% fat, 10% sugar, and the same amount of powdered milk, it reaches us in a very refined form. Antioxidants help to protect us from coronary heart disease and stroke. When the pressure is low, eating chocolate helps. That is, it is the best choice for immediate energy gain. Diabetics can eat carefully with the advice of a doctor.
It is generally believed that green tea may be a better choice than chocolate and that its antioxidant capacity is slightly higher. However, this assumption is not based on facts. 1.5% of cocoa powder contains more energy than 3.3% of green tea. Is.

Consumption of chocolate in the form of food or drink has been shown to relieve depression, which means that a component like serotonin performs hormone therapy and eliminates mental fatigue and exhaustion. Is.
Satisfaction, satiety, and happy feelings come to the heart. The 3 fatty acids present in chocolate such as Oleic acid, Stearic, and Palmitic control heart disease. Despite having a certain amount of fat, it is not dangerous. The latter fatty acid. With the help of cholesterol levels are controlled and health can be maintained with all these ingredients. However, this does not mean that all foods should be skipped and only chocolate should be eaten.



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