Food that is safe for both human life and the environment 2020


Food that is safe for both human life

Food has been developed that is guaranteed to save lives, which will be available to ten billion people and which has no destructive effects on the environment.

Scientists are trying to find a solution to meet the nutritional needs of billions more in the coming decades.

The solution is not to completely eliminate milk and meat from our diet, but to make a big change in the way we fill our food plates but can hardly finish.

Food that is safe for both human life

What changes do we need to make?

This is the first big thing if you eat meat every day. A beef burger a week or a big steak a month is enough for you.

You can also eat some fish and poultry once a week with it, but the rest of the protein you need will come from vegetables.

Researchers recommend daily consumption of nuts, beans, white lentils, and pulses.

Fruits and vegetables should also be an important part of our diet, but the use of starchy vegetables such as potatoes or cassava, which is widely eaten in Africa, should be ruled out.

balanced diet?

What & how much you should eat each day.

  • Fruits: 50 grams daily
  • Beans, pulses, and other legumes:
  • 75 grams daily
  • Fish: 28 grams daily
  • Eggs: 13 grams daily
  • Meat: Beef 14
  • Grams, chicken meat 29 grams daily

Carbohydrates: 232 grams of whole grains such as double bread and rice and 50 grams of starchy vegetables daily.

Milk: 250 grams, equivalent to a glass of milk

300 grams of vegetables and 200 grams of fruits daily

This diet also contains 50 grams of oil such as olive oil and 31 grams of sugar.

Or will it taste bad?

Pulses, Fruits, Fruits, Vegetables, Photo source MOLLY KATZEN
, Photo caption
Consumption of fruits, meat, vegetables, and fruits is considered a balanced and healthy diet

Professor Walter Wilt, a Harvard researcher, says that they do not taste bad at all and that they have adapted to a balanced, healthy diet, following the habit of eating beef three times a day on-farm food as a child.

We are not talking about food deprivation here, but you can enjoy this healthy food and diversity,” he said. Can bring

Is it really possible or just a fantasy?

The plan calls for dietary change in more or less every corner of the globe.

Europe and the United States need massive reductions in beef, East Asia needs to reduce fish consumption and Africa needs to reduce the use of starchy vegetables.

“Humanity has never tried to change the food system at this pace and scale,” said Lynn Gordon, an assistant professor at the Stockholm Resilience Center.

Taxing beef is one of the measures that researchers believe could prompt us to change our diet.

Who cares?

31 scientists from around the world were brought together and the Eight Lancet Commission was brought. They included experts in agriculture, climate change, and nutrition, and after two years of research, they drew conclusions published in the Lancet.

Why do we need food for ten billion people?

The total population of the world was seven billion in 2011 and is now around 7.7 billion and this number is expected to reach ten billion by 2050 and continue to grow.

Will it save lives?

Researchers say the diet will save about 11 million people a year from dying.

The decline is due to a reduction in diseases caused by unhealthy diets such as heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. These diseases are currently the leading cause of death in developed countries.

Will a balanced diet save the earth?

The researchers aim to protect as much land as possible for water storage and farming, as well as provide food for more people, protecting animals, organisms from extinction, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

However, just changing the diet is not enough to do this. In order to increase the number in this regard, we need to halve food waste as well as increase food from the fields.

Why isn’t meat being banned?

“If our only goal was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we would all be vegetarians, but it’s not yet clear that vegetarianism is the best food,” said Professor Wilt.

what will happen now?

The Eight Lancet Commission is now taking its research to governments and organizations around the world, such as the World Health Organization, to see if they can change our eating habits.

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