How to Earn Money Online Best Free 2 Apps


How to Earn Money Online Best Free 2 Apps

BEST Free App That Pays You Instantly (iOS & Android) | Make Money Online

I wanna share with you two different apps that will pay you instantly so you don’t have to wait around.

And the second app is my favorite app, and you’re definitely going to love it because
it can definitely make you quite a bit of money online.

Grab your phone, connect to the internet, so I can explain to you exactly how these two apps actually work.

Now, unfortunately, none of these apps will make you rich, and you can’t make any significant amount of money using these apps, and that’s why I wanna share with you multiple apps which you can use.

And if you combine multiple apps, you will be able to maximize your results and then earn a decent amount of money online.

1:Surveytime app

So, the first app that I wanna share with you is called Survey time. And Surveytime is available for both iOS and Android.

So right here, we have an iPhone. It’s available for iOS, but it’s also available for Android. So, this is a Samsung right here, and it’s available for Androids as well.

How to Earn Money Online Best Free 2 Apps

Now, how does Surveytime actually work? Well, you can see that you can get instantly rewarded with $1 for every survey you complete. And these are not boring and long surveys, these are actually some engaging surveys that you will most likely have fun completing.

I will walk you through the entire process and
I will also tell you how you can maximize your results with this app right here, how you can
actually earn more money without completing surveys.

So, stay tuned for that. Anyways, you can also see that they actually have 4.5 stars on TrustPilot, and that’s really good for such a make-money-online app which means that people are really satisfied with the amount of money and how the survey time actually works. And you can see that you can actually get paid in many different ways. Like, you can collect some different gift cards, but besides gift cards, you can also collect some real money or like PayPal money,

and you can also get Bitcoin through Coinbase. So, you can also acquire some cryptocurrency and get paid instantly using Survey time. Now, to get started with Survey time, all we have to do is click on the start now button right here,

and that’s gonna take you over to the next page where you will need to sign up, and you can sign up by either connectin Facebook, Google, or Twitter, which is a lot easier and faster because it literally requires only one click. And you will be immediately signed up for Survey time. But rather than that, you can also enter your email address in this box if you wanna do it manually.

(1) You have to enter your email address and then you will receive an email to the mobile

But they will take us over to this page whereas you can see, before we start, please, we need to answer a few questions so they can match us with the most relevant surveys for us. So, that means they will actually be sending us surveys that we are actually interested in, something that you’re already interested in, you just need to answer those questions.

That’s why I said it’s gonna be a really fun process of making money online, and each survey that you complete will make you $1, which may not seem like a lot, but that it can quickly add up. 10 surveys, $10, 100 surveys, $100. And you are also being paid instantly so you don’t have to wait around at all.

You will instantly get paid with You can also see that this will take less than a single minute. So this takes less than a single minute to complete, and you will stay absolutely anonymous while completing these surveys. So, just hit start now.

(2)Now, we will need to enter our birthday,

So, you will just need to enter your own birthday and hit next. Now, you will need to select your gender. And finally, I guess you just need to read the terms of service and privacy policy, so just read the terms, it’s really, really short. Just hit I understand, and hit continues.

That’s it. Now, you can start making some money with Survey time. It’s really,
really simple, and the same goes for Android devices as well. So, the same goes for iOS devices and the same goes for Android devices.

It’s really simple.

It’s gonna take you no more than a minute, no more than 60 seconds to sign up and start making a dollar per each survey that you complete, and then instantly cash out. Now, as I promised you, I’m gonna show you how you can earn more money using Surveytime by not completing those surveys.

Well, here’s exactly what you will need to do. You will need to hit these three dots right here, and that’s gonna show you all of these different things and all the different features that are available on Survey time. But I want you to select affiliates right here. So, by referring people to survey time, you can actually make a lot more money,

and you will not have to complete the surveys yourself. So yes, we can earn some extra cash completing surveys and you can get paid instantly, but if you wanna make more money, then sign up for their affiliate program.

It’s really simple.

Sign up to their affiliate program, grab your affiliate link, grab your affiliate code,
and start sharing it with friends, family, or even inside of different Facebook groups or different make money online forums. It’s really easy to find people that are interested in making money with their phone, because who doesn’t wanna make some extra money with their phone when it’s absolutely free and they pay instantly?

So, just leave your affiliate link all over the internet, and start recollecting those referrals. And you will be able to make a lot more money by doing that.

And the second new app that I wanna share with you, they will pay you instantly, is this one right here which is also available for both iOS and Android.

2: Cloudways App

And this app is actually called Cloudways. And you can make a lot of money here

So, you will need to go over to Cloudways, and this is a hosting platform. they’re providing hosting services. Now, don’t worry. You don’t need a website for this and you will not need to invest any money into this. It’s all absolutely free.

All you have to do when you come over to Cloudways is you need to click on these three lines at the top of the page. So select these three lines, and that’s gonna show you all of the features available on Cloudways. Now, I want you to select an affiliate right here, so you will be promoting this service in order to make money with your phone and get paid instantly.

Because not only are they offering really high commissions but they will be paying you instantly. Like, get high commissions instantly on every customer you refer.

The more you refer, the more you earn, obviously. So you will get paid $125 per person that you refer to this app, which is really insane because you can refer unlimited people. And let’s say you refer one person a day, that’s over $3,000 a month in earnings, in pure profit just from your smartphone device.

Whether you have an iOS or Android, it doesn’t matter. And you are being paid instantly, meaning that as soon as you get a sale, you can instantly go out and spend it on whatever you prefer, which is really, really insane.

They will allow you to double your earnings as well and you will be earning consistently with this platform. If you, for example, get five customers, that’s gonna make you approximately $250 a month, but if you get like 50 customers, that’s actually gonna make you around $6,250 in pure profit every single month.

Now, in order to get to that point, you would probably need a large audience,
you would obviously need a nice, traffic source in order to acquire $6,000 in affiliated commissions. But if you only wanna earn some extra cash, what you can simply do is you can come over to here, sign up for their affiliate programs, so there’s gonna be a sign-up button right here. Click on become an affiliate, you will sign up in less than 60 seconds by entering your first name, last name, and all of the basic information about yourself.

You will sign up once again in less than a minute. you will grab your affiliate link, and you will start sharing it with people on the internet. You can find people once again on social media. Like, you can find people through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube as well. You can make simple videos like what’s the best hosting platform, and you don’t have to show your face for that.

You can just create screen share videos, publish them on YouTube and leave your affiliate links in the description of those videos. And for that, you can get a lot, a lot of free traffic. And you can get a lot of free traffic for a lifetime with YouTube.

You can also share it, as I said, in Facebook groups, on Twitter, or on different
forums, or just go to Quora and and find people that are asking like “What’s the best hosting service?”

“Where can we get the best hosting? and just leave your affiliate link under those questions. And you will have high chances of getting a decent amount of sales.
Each sale will make you $125. Keep that in mind.

You only need one person to make over $100
a day, which is absolutely insane. So once again, this app is called Cloudways and the previous app is called a


Cloudways App


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