Easy ways to increase the battery life of Android phones 2020


Increase the battery life of Android phones

Nowadays the use of smartphones has increased a lot and everyone is trying to buy them but its fast dying battery confuses the consumers.

Smartphone technology is innovating, the design is improving and speed is increasing, but little progress has been made in terms of batteries.

Now it is being worked on but very slowly but there are some ways to extend the life of your smartphone battery significantly which are as follows.

Increase the battery life of Android phones


Turn off vibration and hepatic feedback

Functions such as vibration while typing on a smartphone keyboard or the sound when an app or button is pressed actually suck up a good deal of battery power. By turning off haptic feedback, you can significantly increase battery life because throughout the day I must have spent a lot of your time typing on the keyboard. Also, if you don’t need vibration for notifications, it is better to turn it off because vibration requires more battery power than a ringtone. Is.
Get help with power-saving mode

If at any point you want to run your phone’s battery longer than usual, turn on the phone’s power-saving mode, which will automatically disconnect a function that shortens the battery life, reducing the battery life to a few minutes. Hours may be added.

Prefer Wi-Fi over mobile data

If mobile data is the enemy of the battery, use Wi-Fi as much as possible. By going to your phone’s Quick Settings panel, you can turn off mobile data services when you don’t need them.

Smart charging

When the smartphone battery is charged and its capacity is full or 100%, the tracking charge is started to prevent it from depleting. When this happens, the battery begins to be subjected to unnecessary pressure, and to avoid this, it is necessary to plug the device in when it reaches 100 percent or to remove it at 90 percent, as well as the battery. Leaving it on a charge while sleeping at night can also reduce battery life in a few months.

Minimal use of Bluetooth and location tracking

Bluetooth, NFC, and location services are helpful but also drastically reduce the phone’s battery. If you want the battery to last longer, turn on these services when needed, then Turn off.

Similarly, you do not need a voice assistant program all the time, if Google Assistant is present (which is present in every Android phone) and is working, then go to Assistant settings and deactivate it, so that Google Assistant Can be prevented from using battery life.

Take care of the brightness

When it comes to battery life, the biggest effect is on the display. Whenever the display is turned on, the precious power starts to diminish. There is also an option to automatically adjust according to the light of, which you can use, which will definitely add a few minutes to the phone’s battery.

Use simple wallpaper

Avoid putting animated wallpaper on the screen as it requires more battery power to move the image, preferably the screen background should be black or at least colored so that the display can run faster. Do not run out of power. Similarly, the use of widgets also reduces battery life, which should be avoided.

Use the browser instead of the Facebook app

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Facebook is one of the worst apps for battery power and it’s much better to use Facebook on a smartphone browser which is almost like an app.

Turn off automatic app updates

If you want to extend battery life, turning off automatic app updates can be a good option, as it reduces the rate of app activity in the background and uses less power. On the Android phone, go to the Google Play Store and click on the menu icon and then switch it off by clicking on Settings, General, and Auto Updates apps.

Find out which apps are consuming more power

If battery life is not increasing despite all the methods, it may be due to a specific app. To catch it, go to Battery in Android users settings and then go to Battery Usage and see the list of apps and services that are using the battery the most.

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