Keep the mobile phone away from the body and bed 2020


Keep the mobile phone away from the body 

The California Department of Public Health has issued a guideline to avoid radio frequency energy emitted from mobile phones.

Although scientists do not agree on the harms of using a mobile phone, research suggests that long-term use and excessive use of a mobile phone is harmful to health.

Keep the mobile phone away from the body 

Excessive use of mobile phones can be detrimental to health said Dr. Karen Smith, director of public health in California. Both children and adults can avoid the harmful effects of mobile phones if they do not keep the phone in their pocket and keep their mobile away from bed at night.

According to the California Department of Public Health, mobile phones emit radiofrequency energy when the mobile phone receives a signal from a cell tower or sends a mobile signal. And this radio frequency is harmful to human health.

Mobile phone use in the United States, like in other parts of the world, has grown exponentially. In the United States, 95% of Americans have a mobile phone, and 12% of Americans use their mobile phone to access the Internet.

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