life possible on a diet 2020


 life possible on a diet

It is traditionally believed that it is more beneficial to include a variety of ingredients in your diet. But if there were only one thing you could eat to survive, what would that be?

A person cannot survive on double bread alone, otherwise, he will get scurvy in a month in which the human body becomes deficient in vitamin C.
The best diet plans are those that include a variety of foods that help the human body not be deficient in vitamin C, iron, and other nutrients.

 life possible on a diet

Even dieting plans that focus on specific ingredients include a variety of foods that help a person get a nutritious diet.

But still, if you imagine eating only one thing to survive, can that food be more useful in its usefulness than other foods? For good health, can you just spend on potatoes or bananas?

One thing is for sure. This diet plan will not only include meat, vegetables, and fruits. Meat contains no fiber and no vitamins and other nutrients. Fruits and vegetables do contain vitamins, but they do not contain protein at all. These essential ingredients may not be so important to keep the body alive, but skipping them is unhealthy.

Walmart Stephenson, who has been researching the icy North Pole all year, said people in northern Canada get sick just by eating rabbit meat and start having diarrhea and other ailments.

It is also thought that it is not appropriate to rely solely on protein for the calories needed by the body, otherwise it affects the liver’s ability to function.

According to Jenny Jackson, a nutritionist at Glasgow Caledonian University, if meat, most vegetables, and fruits are not available, eating potatoes instead is a good alternative.

The special thing about potatoes is that despite being rich in starch, it contains a large amount of protein and amino acids which are useful for the human body. But on the other hand, potatoes are low in fat as per the set standards.

But in addition to nutrition, there are many barriers to using only one food. There are mechanisms inside the human body that prevent the body from eating only one thing. With their help, if the same food is eaten continuously, the food will not be digested.

The logic that any food that contains all kinds of nutrients and eating it will meet all the nutritional needs of human beings is not correct.

To understand this, it is important to understand how nutrition is perceived in modern times.

In the early twentieth century, researchers stopped giving certain food to rats used for research and examined whether the rats got sick or died. This research has shown the importance of vitamins and the dangers of not eating them.

However, it must be borne in mind that information on the benefits of a balanced diet cannot be 100% accurate with the help of laboratory experiments.

Statistics on infectious diseases in humans show that eating a variety of vegetables is better than eating just a few vegetables, but it is not clear why.

If green vegetables are not eaten, it means that the risk of getting cancer may increase in the future.

says Janice Jackson. However, in light of current information, we can say what we should eat to get nutrition, but we cannot say what we are not eating.

This shows that a diet based on just one ingredient can save time and trouble, but it can also lead to poor health as well as boredom.

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