Low Light Affected Test: Is the Pink Ball the Solution to the Problem 2020


Low Light Affected Test

Waqar Younis says only one Test match has been played with the pink ball in England, while Test matches with the pink ball are still being played on an experimental basis around the world.

Low Light Affected Test

Pakistan cricket team bowling coach Waqar Younis believes it is possible to use a pink ball in a low-light Test match, but it remains to be seen how it can be used in England’s weather conditions.

When Waqar Younis appeared before the media via video link at the end of the second Test match between Pakistan and England in Southampton, most of the questions asked about him were related to rain and bad weather, what is the solution to this problem?

How successful is the pink ball in England?

while Test matches with the pink ball are still being played on an experimental basis around the world, so it remains to be seen if there is no financial loss and From the fans’ point of view, if it is good, then there is no problem in using it.

Pakistan will play with a pink ball for the first time

He said the most important thing would be which brand of ball would be used in it as he could not say for sure how Duke Punk Ball would be used in England.

which requires a change of strategy, but personally I am in favor of Test cricket with the pink ball. That’s a good idea. ”

Extra day in a Test match

Pakistan’s bowling coach Waqar Yunus is not in favor of an extra day in a Test match affected by rain and bad weather.

Test cricket is in five-day cricket, it will be more for a six-day cricket pitch,” he said. In five days of play, the pitch has changed its style, as was the pitch of the second Test, which was not played for two days, but on the last day, its style had changed a lot. As far as weather interference is concerned, this cricket I’m normal.

Waqar Yunus says he is in favor of little change in Test match rules because that is what cricket is all about.

Frustration, of course, but can’t fight the weather

Pakistan, England
Waqar Yunus says he has been frustrated by repeated bad weather interventions in the second Test but no one can fight the weather and when you are playing in England you have to be prepared for such weather.

ICC Cricket Committee considers

During the second Test between Pakistan and England in Southampton, there were questions about the bad weather and the umpires and match referees’ handling of the situation and the decision-making process. It’s too late

The ICC Cricket Committee is set to review the rules and regulations in this regard in view of the recurrence of bad weather in Test matches in England.

In this regard, it is also suggested to use a pink ball in front of it so that if the light goes bad, the game can be made possible with a pink ball.

The England and Wales Cricket Board also plans to review its playing conditions.

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