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 nutritious vegetable

Nature has created seasonal foods for our health, which have the ability to keep our bodies warm and cool. Our body is an amazing masterpiece made by God Almighty. It tolerates all kinds of weather to a reasonable extent. Whether the weather is cold or hot, the internal temperature of our body remains almost the same in the state of health.
When you sweat in the heat, the excess body heat is released from the body and the body cools down. Our brain controls the body temperature system.

In summer, when sweat is used to evaporate water vapor, we feel cool. If it were not for the body’s system of expelling heat through sweat, our body would heat up like an oven, and as a result, the organs would stop working. And death could have happened.

The Lord has created a very comprehensive automated system for our protection. In hot weather, most of the blood circulates near the surface of the skin. There are fine veins on the surface of the skin, so when sweat comes out from the pores of the skin. So we feel cool. In winter, if we do not sweat, the body heat does not escape and the body temperature remains the same.

 nutritious vegetable

There is an automated system to keep the body cool naturally, but we also need to take precautions externally, for example, to eat foods that are helpful in eliminating the effects of heat. Pumpkin is a vegetable with numerous benefits. Pumpkin, rich in medical and nutritional benefits, is one of the favorite foods of our Holy Prophet (PBUH).
Pumpkin is a very important vegetable for us as it is the favorite vegetable of the Prophet (peace be upon him), from which we can get innumerable benefits.

About 92% of gourd consists of water. There are two types of gourd, round and long. Its outer surface is light green in color, while the inner white is like a soft sponge.
It has a half-inch long and quarter-inch wide pointed seeds in the middle. Pumpkin is high in fat and mineral salts that make meat. Observations have shown that summer vegetables are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C (Vitamins A and C.)

Pumpkin is also one of these vegetables, which contains vitamins A, B, and C. Pumpkin pulp is full of nutrients and its seeds are also rich in phosphorus.
Pumpkin contains plenty of water, due to which it creates a feeling of coolness in our body. Pumpkin relaxes and cools the stomach and helps in reducing the effects of heat in the body.

When the body sweats profusely in the hot sun, gourd makes up for the lack of water in our body and provides moisture to the body. Therefore, eating pumpkin is beneficial, because in all these complaints, the body loses a lot of water and the body becomes thin and sluggish.

Vicky naturally helps to keep the body cool by providing water. The gourd is a very healing vegetable for heart and arthritis patients. Nowadays, people are more prone to various heart diseases, such as heart disease. Attacks, heart enlargement, valve blockage and narrowing of the arteries, etc. People usually suffer from heart disease due to eating unhealthy foods and living an unhealthy lifestyle. ۔

Such people should drink gourd juice and its soup. Its thin broth low-fat curry is very useful for heart health. Eating gourd regularly improves heart health and blood pressure. Becomes normal
Pumpkin has a natural ability to improve digestion. It also contains fiber, which is very useful in improving the digestive system.

Drinking gourd juice eliminates constipation. Gourd corrects the digestive system and relieves acidity and bloating. Eating gourd or drinking its juice removes harmful health components from the body through water.  To lose weight, peel the gourd and cut it into small pieces. Then put it in a blender and extract the juice. Drinking this juice by mouth makes a significant reduction in weight.

As this juice is rich in iron, potassium, and vitamins, it does not cause weakness or weakness and also controls appetite. Patients with diabetes often feel thirsty, gourd helps to quench thirst. Pumpkin keeps our skin clean and clear. It keeps the skin healthy from the inside out and protects it from acne and pimples. Pumpkin is very effective for people with oily skin because it is an oil that is released from the skin. It has the potential to keep its emissions in balance.

In this way, gourd plays a key role in keeping the skin healthy and radiant.
Pumpkin also removes dryness of the scalp. Our health affects the scalp and hair. Due to some internal defect in the body, dryness accumulates on the scalp in the form of scales and thus dead cells. A tried and tested method of removing dryness from the scalp is as follows: We mix pumpkin juice and amla juice by weight. Now apply this solution on the whole scalp. Massage. Then after a while wash your head with plain water. By following this method, you get rid of the dry head completely.


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