Sami Chaudhry’s column: Does Root have any ‘Shaan Masood 2020


Sami Chaudhry’s column

After a ‘long’ shutdown, now that cricket has returned, it seems as if there is a sigh of relief. But there is some cricket going on here that can’t be breathed.

First Shaun Masood enchanted the match, then the spell of Shaheen Afridi and Muhammad Abbas, then an electric bonus spell of Naseem Shah. Now we were so drunk with Muhammad Abbas’s Ben Stokes ball that Yasir Shah threw the ball to Butler which Butler did, even if it was Sir WG Grace he would not have understood.

Sami Chaudhry's column

Someone has rightly said that intoxicants are only good, one addict should not be addicted to another. When such mesmerizing bowling took place from top to bottom, the Pakistani batsmen, like the fans, got into a hangover with a surprise and quickly came and went in a session and a half.

But if you look at the condition of this wicket and the rate of loss in the innings-wise run rate, it is fresh to realize how great Shaun Masood’s innings was. So far, life as a whole has been difficult for the batsmen on this wicket.

So far in the match, 15 of the 28 wickets have fallen where the batsmen have not been able to reach double digits. Three innings are nearing completion and so far only three batsmen have managed to cross the individual score of 50.

In such a situation, Shaun Masood’s stature increases even more, with what determination he played the entire 53 overs on the wicket like a nightmare for the batsmen. Mere ability is not enough to stay on alien wickets for so long. It should be like a madness where no other illusions can fit in your head. This obsession arises when good players begin the journey from mere ‘goodness’ to ‘greatness’.

In this innings of Shaun Masood, we saw something that has never been seen in this batting line in the last three years. The biggest advantage of the team that became the number one Test team was that in the unfavorable seasons, suddenly a young man would show such resistance that the direction of the match would change.

Something similar happened four years ago when the world of cricket was making fun of Younis Khan’s footwork and then suddenly Younis Khan’s footsteps in the Oval became such that he made a double century and put Pakistan in the swing of victory.

Here we cannot say that Shaun Masood’s innings made the match Pakistan’s name, but it is not unreasonable to say that Shaun’s innings set the standard for ‘Shaan’ for Pakistan. This was the innings that told me how far the standard of hard work has reached in this team.

It can be said that England made mistakes in bowling discipline after lunch on the first day, made several shortcomings in fielding, and even gave two lives to Shaun, but all this is a matter of luck. One moment Shadab Khan catches an almost impossible catch in the slip and the next moment he drops a very easy catch on the boundary.

It is said that luck also accompanies the brave. This seems to be true from the efforts of Shaun Masood. Although his account could not be opened in the second innings, England will need at least three miraculous innings to make up for the fatigue and loss they put in the English dressing room in the first innings.
Will three English batsmen get long innings on this wicket?

By the way, nothing is beyond the possibility in cricket but the kind of bowling Pakistani bowlers have done in the first innings, and as they will get the ‘Asian’ C wicket today, with the reverse swing and two spinners, how far will the scope of possibilities expand? Will!

However, this is the same wicket where Pakistani spinners have already taken six wickets.

Shaun Masood was saying that if Pakistan won the match then they would count it as their greatest innings. Everything is possible, but for the time being, the astrologers are saying that luck will once again favor Shaun Masood.

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