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The first glimpse of a smartphone with a front camera installed inside the display came to light

Chinese company ZTE has already announced that it will introduce the world’s first large-scale smartphone equipped with an under-display camera on September 1, which will have a selfie camera installed inside the display.

Now the first glimpse of it has also come out which has been released by the company itself, which gives an idea of what the screen of a phone without a front camera will look like.

This glimpse or sketch of the Exxon 2 Five G phone was shared by Nai Fei, president of ZTE’s mobile devices division, on the Chinese social media site Weibo.


In the picture above, it can be seen that there is no hole punch or notch on the front screen of the phone and a fully bezel-less screen is visible.

Nai Fei also shared another photo on Weibo, which shows what the screen power without a camera looks like when turned on.

When the power is on, it is true that there is no bezel on the phone, just a thin line at the bottom.

ZTE is not the first company to work on a phone based on a camera mounted inside the display.

Oppo and Xiaomi are also working on this technology, but it is not yet clear whether these cameras will work in the same way as other phones’ selfie cameras.

According to Lex, the ZTE Exxon 20 will have a 32-megapixel selfie camera hidden inside the screen, while the back will have two sensors with 64 and 8-megapixel cameras and two two-megapixel sensors.

In addition, 2.4 GHz processor, 6, 8, and 12 GB RAM, 64, 128, and 256 GB storage while 4120 mAh battery is also expected to be provided.

It is difficult to say the price of the phone at the moment, but ZTE devices are cheaper than other companies.

Along with the announcement by ZTE, another Chinese company Huawei also reported on a smartphone equipped with all-screen fingerprint sensor technology and an under-display camera.

Is this the best-designed smartphone ever?

Selfie is very popular among today’s youth and this is the reason why different companies offer different designs of front cameras in their phones but now for the first time, a phone is about to be introduced which will have a front camera installed inside the screen.

Yes, Chinese company Oppo is about to introduce the world’s first in-display camera phone which will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress starting June 26 in Shanghai.

So far, phones with a pop-up, slide, or punch-hole selfie cameras have come out, but Oppo’s new phone will be different from all of them because it is also going to be the world’s first all-screen phone.

The Chinese company has released the first teaser of this phone which gives an idea of what the design will look like.

This video shows the evolution of a smartphone selfie camera, such as the classic iPhone-like design with a notch, slider, pop-up, punch hole, and more, and finally, a camera that gets lost on the screen.

Oppo will introduce the phone on August 26, but it is expected to be available to consumers later this year or early next year.

Earlier this month, Oppo Vice President Brian Shane said in a teaser video that under-screen camera technology was still in its infancy and that this stage would be used for under-display cameras such as ordinary cameras. It is very difficult to provide results because this technology reduces the optical quality, however, no new technology is suddenly perfect.

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