Four “unusual” symptoms during sleep 2020


 symptoms during sleep

As the saying goes: nurturing the liver is nurturing life! The liver is an organ that plays a central role in metabolism, detoxification, the immune system, stasis, and other vital functions. If a person’s liver does not heal, then that person suffers from various diseases. The liver is closely linked to sleep.
The quality of sleep depends on the quality of the liver. Huang Di Ni Jing Lingshu (a 2,000-year-old traditional book of Chinese medicine) describes the relationship between different dreams and physical health.

 symptoms during sleep

It is believed that the heart, liver, and lungs are related to the soul and spirit of the human body, respectively. The liver dominates the soul, and when the soul is at rest you will fall asleep and dream.

If a person sleeps too little or sleeps too much, it is mostly due to liver disease.
If your liver is bad, there are four unusual symptoms at bedtime:

1. Don’t sleep

Many people fall asleep in the middle of the night.
They wake up as soon as there is a commotion around them. The most important thing is that once they wake up, they can’t sleep despite repeated changes.
Liver heat affects the autonomic nerves on the surface of the liver, resulting in frequent insomnia, difficulty sleeping at night, or waking up in the middle of the night, often at 3-1 in the morning. If there is inflammation in the liver, it will be irritated.
It will show symptoms of irritability, dry mouth, dry tongue, and cracked stools.

2. Pain in the leg muscles below the knee

There are three possible causes of leg muscle pain during sleep: a lack of oxygen in the blood due to hyperlipidemia, a lack of calcium, and third liver problems. Because “the liver dominates the muscles”, when the liver begins to weaken and toxins accumulate in the body, it will naturally have a long-term effect on the body’s muscles.
Once affected, there will always be a pain in the lower leg. In this case, we need to pay attention to whether there is a problem in the liver?

3. Talking in a dream

Many people dream often when they sleep at night, and they dream a lot. In fact, it’s not that they think too much, it’s that they have a liver problem.
The heart hides the soul, while the liver hides the soul. When sleep comes, the soul of the liver is nourished by blood, and the human body goes into a deep sleep. If the spirit of the liver is not nurtured by the blood, you will become restless, and then talk in a dream.

4. The need for frequent defecation

The liver is a master of the digestive system, its function is to relax the spleen and stomach and to promote the transfer of acidic substances which aid in digestion.
If there is a problem in the liver, the spleen and stomach will become uncontrollable, and the acidic substance will not be transferred and over time this will lead to impaired absorption, diarrhea, and other problems. Even when you are asleep, you may need diarrhea and frequent bowel movements, which indicates that you have a liver problem.
If the liver is damaged, the body cannot hide these symptoms:

  • Sticky hair, excessive hair loss, white sideburns
  • Dry, bitter, and foul-smelling mouth
  • Irritable mood, tiredness
  • Fatigue, depression, restlessness for no reason
  • Dark yellow face with long spots and pimples
  • Bleeding easily from teeth and gums
  • Frequent farting, more gas in the stomach
  • Vertical lines on nails, red hands
  • Poor appetite, sometimes nausea and vomiting
    Here are six things to keep in mind when nurturing your liver

1. Drink more water and coffee

Drink more water, helps to dilute toxins and reduce the burden on the liver.
Adding some small herbs to boiled water can reduce liver inflammation, improve sleep, and reduce irritability.
Preparation: Daisy, Honey Skill, Cassia Seed, Wolf Berry, Yellow Maneki Root, Ottoman Flower, Boiled Water.

2. Avoid alcohol

Due to the metabolism of alcohol in the human body, about 90% of alcohol enters the liver, and acetaldehyde is produced under the action of alcohol dehydrogenase.
Acetaldehyde has a non-toxic effect on liver cells.

3. Go to bed early, wake up early, never stay up too late

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “the liver stores blood”, prolonged walking, and lack of sleep lead to a decrease in blood flow to the liver. Which affects the nutrition and moisture of the liver cells.
This leads to a decline in their immunity. Therefore, the liver function will be affected for a long time, which can lead to the presence of liver disease.

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid fast food

If you eat fatty foods for a long time, it increases the burden on the liver. If fat intake and formation increase, or fat transport and consumption decrease, it can lead to fatty liver.

5. Keep your mood happy and don’t get angry

Chinese medicine says that “anger hurts the liver”, which causes liver stagnation. If a person is depressed, he will gradually become ill, first from the liver, then from the abdomen to the spleen, and then from the abdomen to the biological clock.

6. Use mobile phones less and give more comfort to the eyes

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “long-term vision injures the liver” not only injures the liver but also the eyes, causing dryness and stinging of the eyes.

Wheat diet 


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