The Google Pixel 7 series overview.


The Google Pixel 7 series overview.

Google Unveiled the Pixel 7 series close to the Pixel observed recently. While it kept a ton of the plan components of the past Pixel 6 series, it refined it. The plan was troublesome, yet google didn’t change a lot. This time around, and as usual, google needs to battle with the iPhone and the Samsung Universe. Pixel 7 feels like it is what the 6 ought to have been, and it is at long last here.

The Design

Google decided to stay with the level camera bar on the telephone’s back. The rich metallic bar hangs out in the realm of square-shaped camera plan decisions, whether on the iPhone or the World series. The bar houses two focal points tucked conveniently in the camera module. The telephone is accessible in three tones: Lemongrass Green, Obsidian, and Snow. Google utilized reused aluminum to construct the casings of the telephone, clarifying that google is taking on greener activities step by step. Despite the fact that glass materials are utilized on the front and back of the telephone, it doesn’t smirch with fingerprints without any problem.

The Pixel 7 has a 6.3 inches screen, and the ace has a huge 6.7 inches show. An ideal OLED show yields 2.400 by 1,080 pixels at a thickness of 416ppi. It offers an enormous survey insight. The Pixel 7 series accompanies 90hz. It could shock you in a world brimming with 120Hz leads, Particularly the Cosmic systems. It is a lot smoother than the 60Hz rate, which is a reward. The screen can hit nits somewhere in the range of 1000 and 1400 at its pinnacle. Matching the iPhone 14 Genius. Contrast upholds 24-bit tone and HDR and is on a size of 1,000,000 to one.

The Camera

Google is not able to convey enthusiasm about cameras, and, surprisingly, with it being a troublesome errand to move forward on the Pixel 6 cameras, google did it. Not in the manner, you think though, however, the specs are practically something similar. 50Mp sensor with an f/1.85 opening and 82 levels of FOV (field of view). An ultrawide focal point with a 12Mp sensor with an f/2.2 gap at a 114 FOV.

The Google Pixel 7 series overview.


Optical and electrical picture adjustment guarantees the rockiest of catches stay still. No zooming focal point is tracked down its put on the pixel on the off chance that you care about it. The selfie cam is a 10.8 Mp camera with an f/2.2 opening and 92.8 levels of FOV — an observable update on the 8Mp selfie camera on pixel 6.

The enhancements are made thanks to the Tensor G2 chip. Google is pushing the envelope with this chip, doling out a few impressive elements. The most striking one is Photograph Clarify, which can hone any image taken utilizing the Google Photographs Application, even ones you didn’t take on the Pixel 7. A distinct advantage, particularly when you understand you can rescue more established pictures utilizing your Pixel 7 or 7 genius.

Finally, the Pixel 7 doesn’t have the optical zooming ability its greater sibling, the 7 Expert, has. Not to say the Pixel 7 can’t zoom. The telephone impeccably uses Google Super Res Zoom to fork up to 8x zoom through computerized editing and AI. Filling and honing the holes, the Pixel 7 offers 2x optical zoom when it catches pictures with the focal 12Mp sensor. Not the keenest outcome, but rather honorable in any case.

The directed edge is likewise an element intended to help the outwardly impeded with taking selfies, making The Pixel 7 series more comprehensive. Low light execution is astounding on the Pixel 7 series, with Night Sight, Movement Mode, and Genuine Tone. This large number of highlights guarantees the conveyance of extraordinary photographs and recordings in low light, with astounding complexion tones and sharp subtleties. Stand apart execution among its contests.


Besides, A basic selling point of Pixel telephones is the product experience. The Android 13 episode is the smoothest on the Pixel 7 series. Regardless of how great the opposition’s product can be, the Google Pixel will continuously end up as the winner. A few flawless new increments, for example, Voice Notes record. In the event that you can’t pay attention to voice messages, google will go them to message — a genuinely phenomenal component. The text-to-type highlights return and are more refined, you can just advise google what to type, and it will make it happen. A considerably more comprehensive part for the people who can’t arrange, google, to no one’s surprise, guarantees five years of safety updates and three android variants.


The Tensor G2 chip permits the new tech to be incorporated, for example, AI. However, the everyday execution continues as before, which is superb. The execution was extraordinary on the past model, and it remains so with the Pixel 7 Series. The Principal Corex X1 is just 50hz quicker than the last models. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 makes the Pixel 7 series among the, if not the quickest, telephones out there. Don’t bother going on and on. Execution is at the top levels. This telephone can do all that you request from it and then some.

Price and battery life

The Pixel 7 is estimated at 599 bucks. A difficult cost, making it less expensive than its opposition, and an arrangement hard to pass on. The battery endures over a day. With broad use and higher revive rates, it could make due till you get back home, which is beyond what you can say regarding different telephones with significantly more exorbitant cost labels.


The Pixel 7 is the best sub-600-dollar telephone out there. Unrivaled programming experience, great cameras, and long-lasting updates and backing. What more might you at any point request? Not much is what the Pixel 7 blossoms with, conveying all that is mentioned from it successfully and with style.



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