The Wrestling Big Show

He has been a 2-time BWCW World Heavyweight Champion, 2-time WWF / E Champion, 2-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and 1-time CW World Heavyweight Champion.

The WWF / EK’s February 14, 1999 event: In Your House’s 27th program was named “St. Valentine’s Day Masquerade”. Seven people were killed in an exchange of fire between Bugs Moran. The final match of the event was between the owner of the company McMahon and Stone Cold in an iron cage.

The Wrestling Big Show

During the ordeal, according to the storyline, a demon suddenly came out from under the ring, tearing the canvas (thick cloth) and first grabbed Stone Cold’s arm and hit him against the walls of the cage and then picked up Stone Cold and pushed him hard on the railing. When Stone Cold reached for the fence to save himself, it was the cage door that opened and Stone Cold fell to the floor outside.

The referee declared Stone Cold the winner for interfering with the man in McMahon’s favor, but the spectators were not looking at the winner with astonished eyes, but with the voices of the wrestler “The Giant, the Giant”. .Why? The wrestler’s ring name in the WCW was “The Giant” and the other one suddenly reminded the fans of the famous French wrestler Andre de Giant.

However, on the first anniversary of his first marriage, the wrestler was debuting at the company under his real name “Paul White” and would soon be known by the new ring name “Big Show”. When Big Show started wrestling, his love for American girl Melissa Ann Lewis, who was 6 years older than him, was encouraging him. He married Valentine’s Day in 1997 and had a daughter, Serwright ۔

wife Melissa was happy that the Big Show made its WWE debut on their first wedding anniversary. But then, as the Big Show began to devote more time to wrestling, differences arose and the two parted ways. Two years later, in February 2002, they divorced, and just five days later, Big Show married a girl named Katrina Mados, a former American model who was three years younger than him.

He also has two children with Big Show. His first wife may have thought that Big Show could live alone, but that thought paved the way for a new meeting for Big Show which led to a second marriage. Big Show didn’t think he would become a wrestler during his school days. He was born in Aiken, South Carolina, the USA on February 8, 1972. His father’s name was Paul White Sr.

So he was named “Paul Donald White Jo Nair” and weighed 6 pounds and 2 ounces at the time. Then the parents contacted the doctor when they saw the big show gaining weight and weight prematurely. He said that this is one of the children whose hands, feet, and face started getting bigger due to the excess of growth hormones. This disease is called Akro Magali

At the age of 12, Big Show grew to 6 feet 2 inches and weighed 100 kilograms. He used to travel in the Vanford Econo Line run by his mother. According to him, his mother could not hear from his right ear and she was a regular smoker. From high school to university, he was also a major player in American football and basketball, and at the age of 19, he was admitted to the University of Kansas as a basketball player.

At the time, his height was recorded as 7 feet 1 inch. Therefore, his physical ailment was treated in the early 1990s with successful surgery on the “pituitary gland” to avoid further problems. During this time he also attended the University of Southern Illinois. As a teenager, anyone looking at the Big Show would try to figure out what they looked like, weighing 174 kilograms, shoe size 22E5, ring size 22, and chest circumference 64 inches.

The Big Show once lost in a wrestling match at the CWWA on December 3, 1994. Otherwise, it was out of his mind to be a player in the cycle of his physical worries and then his income and since his education, he had been engaged in various jobs. Then I got a job at “Karaoke Company” answering phone calls. Where he got in touch with wrestler Danny Bondos who introduced him to the Big Show wrestler “Hulk Hogan”.

Fate reversed, and somewhere in the distant wrestling ring, another star shone like “The Giant.” Who was this “The Giant”? Wrestler Andre De Giant was 7.4 inches tall and weighed 236 kilograms. When he entered the ring, it was a different time. At WrestleMania 3 and 4, he also appeared on posters as a rival to Hulk Hogan.

In his memory, a competition is held at the event WrestleMania under the name “Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale”. However, Hulk Hogan was influenced by the personality of the Big Show and became Andre the Giant. Hulk Hogan took them to WCD Blue, where everyone suggested that Big Show become a professional wrestler. There was a problem with regular training. According to the storyline at the WCW event in Slimbore, only Andre the Giant’s son was brought up as a resemblance.

In October, he has debuted against Hulk Hogan in the regular “The Giant Ring” event at the “Monster Truck Match” at the Halloween Hawkeye event. The Big Show was defeated but his professional wrestling career began. The first “60 Man World War 3 Battle Royale” competition made him famous in November 1995. It was a time when important wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan, Sting, Lex Lugar, and Rick Flair were part of the WCW and the Big Show competed against them. Were also achieving success.

In 1996, he became associated with the New World Order, a wrestling organization whose main sponsor was Hulk Hogan. In the same organization, Hulk Hogan was challenged for the World Heavyweight Championship and he took the Big Show out of his wrestling organization.

But relations were restored and, until early 1999, they continued to fight on both sides. The Big Show also reached its final destination in the WWF / E in February 1999, where they were first shown tearing out the canvas from the bottom of the ring during a bout and then making their debut at WrestleMania 15 in March 1999. The wrestling debut match was against wrestler Main Kind in which they lost.

Similarly, the Royal Rumble came into the ring at No. 2, Rock No. 2, and Big Show at No. 26 in the field of 30 wrestlers in 2000, and both of them picked up all the wrestlers in the ring according to the rules and threw them out of the ropes. Eventually, when the Big Show wrestler carried Rock on his shoulders and threw him out of the ropes, he couldn’t handle his own weight and fell off the ropes and fell out of the ring.

At that moment, Rock grabbed the rope of the ring and hung up first and then came inside the ring and won the competition. The Big Show was the first to be knocked out of WrestleMania’s “Fatal Fourway” competition that year. Owner McMahon disliked the Big Show’s failures and realized he was still an inexperienced wrestler. So the Big Show was introduced to the ring in the form of different wrestlers according to a new storyline, and at the time of arrival, the same music was played that was related to that wrestler.

For example, in the form of a light gun or wrestler Ricky Shi. From here, the Big Show got fame. His wrestling list also opened the door to success and he soon became one of the most influential professional wrestlers in the history of wrestling. And in January 2020, after a muscle injury, they were seen competing in the RA brand.

He has been a two-time BWW World Heavyweight Champion, a two-time WWF / E Champion, a two-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and a one-time CW World Heavyweight Champion. Thus, he is the only wrestler to become a champion from all four wrestling organizations. Big Show made his acting debut in the 1996 film Reggie’s Prayer and has since appeared in a number of other films, including The Water Boy, McGrabber, and Count Down. Happened.

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