Winter is coming 2021


Winter is coming

People with different temperaments react differently to the arrival of winter. Some people enjoy the cold to the fullest. Reduces various engagements with relatives and some people spend most of their time at home or in one place. The area feels lonely in winter. It says that the feeling of happiness and joy in winter is cold Fall.
It seems that the chilly moments of the cold nights are making the atmosphere more sad and depressing by shedding tears over my plight.
Why does this happen…?

Winter is coming

To Javier’s question, the psychologist told her that the reason for her poor mental state was that she did not spend enough time in the sun. Yes, sunlight also has healing effects.

In countries where the sun shines less, people are more prone to suicide than depression, SAD (seasonal affective disorder), and other mental illnesses.

Regions of the world where the sun shines very little. There are many health problems. In such areas, the day the sun rises, it is like Eid for people. Psychologists also say that a person suffering from mental illness is more anxious and anxious in winter. Sit in a place where they can get direct sunlight or walk in the sun.

It has also been observed that sitting in the sun makes the patient feel better soon. In developed countries, mental patients are trained to absorb sunlight through the face. They recover, but they also get attention and maturity in their daily activities.
It is commonly observed that high blood pressure occurs in winter as lack of sunlight can increase cholesterol.

Sunlight lowers cholesterol. A chemical called squalene is produced in human skin. This substance is converted into cholesterol due to a lack of sunlight. If human skin is exposed to sunlight, this substance takes the form of vitamin D. Is.

Vitamin D deficiency and high cholesterol can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease. Vitamin D is essential for heart protection.
The deficiency of this vitamin increases the risk of heart disease in winter. In order to be as safe as possible from heart disease, sunlight should be used as much as possible.
It can be seen that in cold weather, women in rural areas massage their newborns with oil while sitting in the sun. The purpose is to strengthen the bones of the baby from the heat of the sun.

Modern research has shown that the sun produces vitamin D (vitamin D) in the body, which helps in the absorption of calcium. Young people who are keen on bodybuilding or go to the gym, etc. They also exercise. This strengthens their bones. Older people need more sun to get rid of the weakness of middle age. Sunburn is very useful in joint diseases and wounds.

In winter, the wound usually does not heal quickly and the disease progresses. Sometimes old wounds also appear. This is due to the weakening of the immune system in the human body due to low temperature. Even in this situation. Doctors recommend sitting in the sun.
Most young women shy away from the sun. The idea is that they may not turn black.

It is true that intense sunlight imbalances the skin’s moisture and reduces its vitality, but it is not advisable to avoid the sun. Human skin cells die if left exposed to the sun for long periods of time. The skin begins to lose its freshness.
Some skin diseases are treated with ultraviolet rays. Doctors instruct the patient to apply for some medicine according to his condition and sit in the sun.

Some doctors find sunshine useful for diabetics. Sunshine is also useful for diabetics. If the hair is dried in the sun, the heat eliminates the germs caused by moisture and dryness and also protects the head from lice. At the beginning of winter, people wear special warm clothes and blankets. Etc. are taken out of the box and kept in the sun so that the moisture and odor created in the clothes are eliminated. Sometimes the clothes used at night are also kept in the sun. If these clothes are sealed in boxes or boxes without putting in the sun. If they are done, there is a possibility of bed bugs in them. The sun kills many harmful germs.

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