YouTube New Update 2021


YouTube New Update 2021

Now, My friends, we have updated this is good news, no bad news I mean. this is the email that I received last night from youtube If you didn’t check it yet go check your emails to get updated always. Youtube send an email to me yesterday about these three new changes on youtube.

Now YouTube New Update 2021

This is a big change, And also to those monetize channels because there will be a tax on their US viewers. I will explain that now these three changes in youtube that they emailed.

So if you interested 

Youtube already emailed us before in November last year and explained to us that there will be changes in terms of service this year in June. This will affect June 1, 2021, So the first one is the Facial Recognition Restrictions. A lot of you are asking me what is the real explanation of this so I will explain clearly now.

I hope I can explain it clearly to you, Facial Recognition is you not allowed to impersonate anyone on youtube, and you’re not allowed to the public a person’s identity.

For example, your stealing someone’s video, or your uploading a video of someone who you don’t own and didn’t ask for permission to him/her to use their video.

One example if you’re stealing the person’s TikTok video or you record her videos posted on Facebook or on youtube. so you not allowed to use someone’s video or information without asking their permission.

But if you really want it then you will need the permission of someone who can be seen in the video, So that’s the meaning of it this is my own opinion.

is the Youtube right to monetize. So what will happen is all the videos on youtube monetize or not will get ads but the revenue only belongs to youtube to those not monetize channels.

Some others are saying that youtube is doing it because to encourage viewers to avail themselves of youtube premium. The third one my boss is the Royalty payments and tax withholdings. Monetize channel is mostly affected by this. For example, you have US viewers then you will pay taxes from the US.

But in another country like the Philippines is no taxes yet implemented. Because in the US all the Content Creator there is having taxes in their revenue. So if we have US viewers then will get taxes only from US revenue So overall my boss this is a big change in Youtube especially the second one because you will have ads even if you not monetize But no matter what changes is that lets still continue our passion we can still earn money if we can reach the Youtube requirements. This will affect June 1, 2021

Good luck to all

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