YouTube safe for kids 2020?



YouTube, the world’s largest video-sharing website, says it is trying to be safer for children.

Recently, YouTube has come under fire for targeting children with vulgar and disturbing content that the company has not taken significant action against. But the Google affiliate has now announced that it is launching a five-point plan to provide family-friendly content.


The guidelines that have been issued are as follows:

  • Strict implementation of community guidelines and faster implementation through technology
  • Removal of ads from inappropriate videos targeting children
  • Remove inappropriate comments from videos made for children
  • Provide guidance to content creators for the whole family
  • Contacting and learning from experts

The plan follows reports earlier this month that flaws in YouTube’s algorithms and screening policies had been identified. The controversy erupted over YouTube Kids, a video version of the video for children. But its filters have failed to remove videos that contain child pornography. Just two examples are enough to show, in one video Mickey Mouse is bathing in a pool of blood while many are indescribable.

Not only that, but videos that are good have been met with highly inappropriate comments, even common videos such as children’s workouts, which have forced YouTube to issue new instructions and Take strong action.

The new guidelines come at a time when various Internet companies, including YouTube owner Google, have come under fire from the US Congress. Last year’s US presidential election was marred by Russian hackers and the use of Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Most importantly, these institutions influence billions of people and the United States would not want them to be given free rein. That is why he has sharply criticized these technology companies.

However, content tracking is not new to YouTube. Google recently said it was cracking down on terrorist videos in an operation against online extremism.

These extremist videos have already caused problems for YouTube, and earlier this year several advertising agencies boycotted YouTube because their ads appeared to contain hateful and extremist content. ۔ So many companies, including AT&T and Johnson & Johnson, have stopped using YouTube for advertising, but YouTube says most of the boycotting companies are now back.

By the way, if this issue is open in America, then everyone is remembering ethics, otherwise, there has been exploitation like YouTube in Pakistan, it has hardly happened anywhere, you can see for yourself.

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